Rescuing Failed Schools


There are schools throughout the State of Texas that have acquired the ranking of IR, Improvement Required.  In 2015 the Texas Legislature passed HB1842 that directs Texas Education Agency (TEA) how to handle schools that are historically categorized as IR’s.  The first option is for the Independent School District to offer a plan to bring in an outside partner approved by TEA and develop an acceptable plan for bringing schools back into compliance.  The second choice is that TEA brings in a Board of Managers appointed by the Education Commissioner and replaces the School Board and implements changes to get school back into compliance.  The third option is to close the IR schools.

We at End of Cycle are convinced that the core problem of failed schools is the low level of expectations for the students.  That coupled with the lack of confidence or trust between the student and the teacher makes for below acceptable performance by schools.  All of the problems outlined on this website just compound the situation and results in a seemingly hopeless case for many young students.

However, at End of Cycle we know that these lives can be directed from failure to success.  It starts from the first encounter that the student has with the teacher.  Because of our proven track record of turning high risk schools around, we know it can be done and we are prepared to start on a mission of rescuing schools one mind at a time.  How one feels about themselves matters as outlined on the section entitled “Character-Self Esteem” and once we have captured the attention and gained the trust of the student, sky is the limit.  It is these proven proprietary techniques that set End of Cycle apart from other efforts.  These programs are now being discussed in the Greater Houston area where there are various school districts in jeopardy of being taken over.  The program involves commitment from students and parents but because we have already been successful in turning other failing schools around, we know we can not only obtain these commitments from parents and students but to use these successes as models for other school districts.