Unfortunately, our schools have taken two main factors out of our school systems. We started by taking God out of our daily routines and our schools stopped teaching that character matters, that one is kept upright by his own volition and not be the laws of society. We must want to be good persons, thoughtful of others and when opportunities arise to serve others before oneself. So End of Cycle’s teachings have veered from our common core values of God, family, service to others. Such values as integrity, accountability, honesty, and hard work ethics appear to be viewed as not part of our curriculum.

At End of Cycle we revert back to these principles and we dedicate a concerted effort in the teachings of what was previously learned at home by expanding the work day for students one to two hours each day, instilling pride and self esteem by first gaining the trust of the student. Our staff has acquired unique techniques that advance this relationship between student and teacher at an accelerated rate thus preparing for the delivery of methods for character building.

What one thinks of themselves matters. A book called “Psycho-Cybernetics” is the basis for our teachings. A plastic surgeon is preparing to operate on a very shy young lady that has always looked away from people because of a mole in her nose. The Surgeon explains that the surgery is not superficial but is cutting deep into the inter-self of the lady. The result, out blossomed a lovely lady, very outgoing and full of happiness. End of Cycle proven experience have demonstrated that everything about students improve when they feel good about themselves, to include grades, when they want to put the effort to perform at a greatly improved level.