Children with Parents in Prison

One of the most helpless, empty feelings when one is in prison is knowing that your loved ones are on the outside, but all alone, without the help and support of their mom or dad.  But it is more chilling by those outside that do not have anywhere to turn to when they hit a road block, be it violence, health, education, and just the basics of the security of knowing that there is a paycheck on Friday to stretch it to make ends meet.  To talk about teaching how to manage a 401K is foreign to the vast majority of the population that face the dilemma day after day.

The greater portion of the prison population should not be incarcerated.  Yet reality sinks in when you are escorted from the court room doors to the confines of the US Marshall, and eventually, to the Bureau of Prisons.  So as a society we need to try to focus attention to this ugly part of our beloved America but also to deal as effectively as possible with the situation at hand, our parent-less children and spouse-less partners.

At End of Cycle we are both in and outside of many federal prisons throughout the United States.  Please visit the list of Managers the we at End of Cycle have and the locations where there is work taking place everyday.  Prisons are not meant for rehabilitation but are there to inflict discomfort in every aspect of prison life.  So it is one of End of Cycle’s to stay engaged and offer hope to the prisoner and also to the families that are “imprisoned” because of their loved ones situation.  We have gained the respect of all because we do not sugarcoat the ugliness of prison but at the same time, we offer sincerity in our relationships through hope, faith and trust.

Here is link to one of End of Cycle’s partner, Video Academy and interview with Pastor Ulysses Williams.